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Restoring Central Dover

A Comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization Plan led by
NeighborGood Partners and a Steering Committee.

Our Vision

A strong community begins with a plan.


Our Community Development Manager

Rona Harris

We are stronger together.

Together, our goal is to unify our neighborhoods— Bring a sense of safety, prosperity and engagement.

Adopted in 2014, Restoring Central Dover is a Comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization Plan in motion. The Plan and its implementation is led by NeighborGood Partners and a Steering Committee. The Plan represents our community’s vision for restoring the vitality of Central Dover and lists recommendations for implementation over the next 10 years. Resident input and priorities have been derived from a community survey, meetings, events, activities, and community outreach. The Plan offers a multitude of strategies for a Strong Community, Positive Development, and an Integrated Public Realm and Infrastructure.

Community Engagement

Affordable Housing

RCD 1.jpg

Project Safety


Volunteer Opportunities

RCD 3.jpg

Public Health

RCD 2.jpg

Opioid Outreach

Community Garden.jpg

Unity Community Garden


Good Neighbors. Good Partners.

Please join our roster of volunteers and partners and help us to restore vitality to the community, establish a solid community infrastructure and create meaningful opportunities for resident engagement that will make Central Dover an ideal place to live, work and play.

Your involvement is a great investment in our efforts. Working together, we can be successful in our efforts to Revitalize Central, Downtown Dover, and beyond.

Thank you for your interest in being apart of strengthening our communities.

Restoring Central Dover is powered by NeighborGood Partners —

communications will include all the services NeighborGood Partners provides.


Feel free to download and share this volunteer flyer:

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