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Launcher Program


The Launcher Program (Dover), a part of the Restoring Central Dover initiative, is a community partnership to bring valuable resources to entrepreneurs  looking to start or expand  their business.  

Small business; Big Resource

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The Launcher Program (Dover) is a pivotal component of revitalizing Downtown Dover as part of the Restoring Central Dover initiatives. This program helps local entrepreneurs with the business startup principles needed to succeed.


Whether a small business is just getting started, recently began operations or has a current business owner seeking additional training, this 12-week Launcher Program is a great opportunity to build and expand one's business.


Throughout the program, topics including accounting, finance, the credit review process, marketing, operations, management and more are introduced and taught. In addition to these topics, the program will identify and develop skills like budgeting, cash management and helping students research, write and confidently articulate a sound business plan.


To learn more, visit:

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