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Do Good

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Good Neighbors + Good Partners= People helping People.

Love your neighbor

We're asking you to love your neighbor. By sharing your love, your gift of TIME, TALENT, OR TREASURE will support our efforts to connect, guide, and provide resources to families throughout many communities.

When you love your neighbor, it means "people helping people"—which is the core to a good neighbor and good partner.

You uplift a single mom's dream by guiding her through financial education; restore stability to a struggling family by connecting them to the programs available to prevent foreclosure or eviction; unlock the door of a new home by providing the tools to homeownership; provide essential items and resources to a family in need; and teach an aspiring entrepreneur the fundamentals of business through our Launcher program.

To learn more about ways to give, contact

Marianne Gellman, our Resource Development Director.

Your $20 gift will provide supplies for community focused activities, a generous gift of $125 will assist financial education programs, or a contribution in any amount, will help build additional economic resources—let's #LoveYourNeighbor, together.

We know your time is valuable. Do good, by giving your time at our local community events.

Talent is priceless. Are you interested in sharing your talents with us? We would love to hear from you. 

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