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Launcher Program (Dover) | NeighborGood Partners


May is recognized as Small Business Month—a time to celebrate and support entrepreneurs and small business owners. It's an opportunity to continue to show appreciation for the vital role that small businesses play in our communities and economies. And it's also a great time to encourage entrepreneurs and big thinkers to learn the fundamentals of running a successful endeavor.

By understanding the basics, they will be better equipped to achieve their goals and turn their ideas into reality.

And we are here to help.

We have the people in place to help navigate your small business journey. As partners in providing entrepreneurs with the tools to set-up or expand their businesses and ongoing resources to help build continued success, the Launcher Program's 12-weeks of training, one- on-one technical assistance sessions, and a wealth of knowledge prepares our students to become successful small business entrepreneurs. Currently serving Delaware’s communities in Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown, Claymont, Bellefonte and Edgemoor, the fall training session is now accepting applications.

Get ready to LAUNCH!

Here is the overall rundown of the program—


  • To develop a strong understanding of small business management

  • To complete a solid business and financial plan

What TYPE OF TRAINING is provided?

  • Classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions taught by experienced small business instructors

  • Class size of 8-12 students ensuresall participants receivepersonal attention

  • Topics covered include operations management, marketing, financial management and more

  • Course content and pace are customized to entrepreneurs’ needs Culturally sensitive entrepreneur training


  • Attributes of Success

  • Planning for Business The Market – Customers and Competition

  • Marketing and Branding Web-Based Marketing Credit and Financing

  • Management and Operations

  • Alumni Speaker/Competition Reporting Financial Planning: Part 1

  • Financial Planning: Part 2 Are You Ready?

  • Graduation!

We offer a manageable training schedule:

  • Classes are held one evening per week for 2 hours.

  • Locations are chosen geographically: Wilmington, Claymont and Dover.

  • Training consists of eleven classroom sessions and ten hours of individual consultation.

And, for just a small investment:

Tuition for the Launcher program is valued at $2,500. Thanks to the generous support of Barclays, we are able to waive tuition cost for students accepted into the Launcher program. The only cost to you will be a materials fee of $100 dollars. Extra manuals for partnerships are


Celebrating success.

When you succeed, we succeed!

As of April 2023:

Congratulations and best wishes to the past, present, and future entrepreneurs!

Launcher Graduates

Food vendors, small candle shops, and beauty products are just a few of the types of business that have benefited from this program.

New York musician Marissa Lerer settled in Lewes, DE — was accepted into the Launcher program in Dover with a big idea — The Listening Booth — which now has plans to launch this summer!

Entrepreneur Tina Hudson Beamer opened her own business, Tina’sTimelessThreads, in downtown Dover after participating in NeighborGood Partners’ Dover Launcher program.

“The program is for entrepreneurs to find great resources to be able to open their own businesses, whether it’s financial, to find real estate, or just an ear to talk to,” she said.

So, are you ready to start or expand your business? No matter whether you are a seasonedbusiness owner or someone with a new bright idea, remember — do thorough research,create (or continue to implement) a solid businessplan, and seek advice from professionals in your industry. Maintaining a network of like-minded individuals is part of the path to success.

Reach out and learn more!


The Launcher Program (Dover) is a pivotal component of revitalizing Downtown Dover as part of the Restoring Central Dover initiative. This program helps local entrepreneurs with the business startup principles needed to succeed.

Throughout the program, topics including accounting, finance, the credit review process, marketing, operations, management and more are introduced and taught. In addition to these topics, the program will identify and develop skills like budgeting, cash management and helping students research, write and confidently articulate a sound business plan.

To learn more, visit:

NeighborGood Partners is a community partner—

Launcher Delaware is powered by West End Neighborhood House.



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