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Self-Help Housing

Guides & Forms

This section of our website houses information just for our self-help housing grantees. Here you find Rural Development training manual downloads and application forms. Click on any of the following to download information. For training materials produced by NeighborGood Partners which are accessible only to grantees and Rural Development personnel in Region III, please see Training DownloadsAdobe Reader is needed to view our publications.

RD Training Guides

Required Application Forms
(Download From Here)

Additional Required Forms

Please visit USDA Service Center Agencies eForms to find and download the most recent version of the following forms:


  • Assurance Agreement, Form RD 400-4

  • Construction Contract RD Form 1924-6

  • Description of Materials, Form RD 1924-2

  • Environmental Review, Form RD 1940-20

  • Option to Purchase Real Property, Form RD 440-34

  • Position Fidelity Schedule Bond, Form RD 440-24

  • Standard Form SF-424



Please visit GRANTS.GOV to find and download the most recent version of the following forms:


  • Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan, HUD Form 935.2b

  • Assurances, Non-Construction Programs, Form SF-424B

  • Budget Information Non-Construction Programs, Form SF-424A

  • Certification Regarding Debarments, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters, Form AD-1047

  • Certification Regarding Drug Free Workplace, Form AD-1049

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